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Beg for Daddy - UNO (1).jpg

Beg for Daddy

Unattainable. Off limits.

The second I laid eyes on her, I knew she was my endgame. 

Only problem?

She was my best friend’s wife.

Even after he died, I swore to stay away from her. 

For my own sanity, I was going to stay away from her forever. 

Then she offered herself up at my club’s auction. 

Fate never plays out as you think it will. 

Sometimes it throws you curveballs in tempting packages.

Sometimes it has blush pink tits, pouty lips, and calls you Daddy. 

But fate needs to learn a thing or two about me. 

Never, ever try to push Daddy past his breaking point.

Click on the below link if you'd like to read  the bonus knife play scene between Noah and Paige.

Bonus Scene

Beg for Daddy is in the Domum Deorum World. For Max and Lily's story, Cry for Daddy, CLICK HERE. 

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