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Cry for Daddy

Death showed up and he wanted to set me free. 

Give me a chance at a normal life. 

But I have a black spot on my soul. And his idea of normal is not for me. 

What I want is a daddy. 

A dark daddy whose soul is blacker than mine. 

Whose touch is my center of gravity. 

And I need him before my master comes for me. 

I’m not ready to be free. 

But I refuse to die in the cage designed for me. 


She's a bird with clipped wings.

A liability I don’t need.

She’s a manipulative little baggage who cries so sweetly when she begs and calls me daddy. 

And I’m addicted to her tears. 

It’s a mistake to keep her. 

I need to get rid of her. 

My brother will come for her.

But it’s too late. 

She’s mine now.

Anyone coming for her, will have to make it through me.

Cry For Daddy is a 25k word novella, previously published in the 2019 Dirty Daddies Anthology. 

It is in the Domum Deorum World. For Agent Noah Young's story, Beg for Daddy, CLICK HERE. 

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