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Taming Kat, Now Available!!


“Caleb, I'm glad you're here,” she said, making him quirk a brow. “I don't think we should do this.” She waved a hand indicating the two of them. “Last night was nice—”

Nice? That made him lose some of his humor. “It had been better than nice from my end,” he said casually.

He sized up his prey from the tips of her little pink toes, to the top of her pretty head, and every glorious inch in between. “There is just something about you, kitten. Watching you flush all over.” She flushed a little just from him saying it. “The feel and sight of you coming.”

He palmed his growing erection as he stalked towards her. Her eyes rounded as she took in his cockstand, unconsciously licking her lips. Her adorable reaction only made him harder. He had to smile when she backed up only to find she was already pressed against the counter.

“You know what I'm thinking about right now?” he asked. She shook her head, her eyes again taking in his impressive erection before going back to his face. “I'm thinking about that little pink plug nestled between your cheeks last night, right where I wanted to bury myself while I spanked your ass.”

She audibly swallowed as he caged her in. Making sure she felt every inch of him.

“Caleb, like I was saying,” she started breathlessly choked out. “About last night, it was—”

“Nice. I heard you.” He fisted a hand in her silky auburn hair, tilting her head back so she looked him right in the eyes. “I just figured if you could call it nice, I did it wrong.”

He heard her say “fuck” before his mouth covered hers with the desire of nearly seven months of stored up fantasies. Each and every one starring her. Her lips were soft, mouth was hot and wet. He imagined his cock there where his tongue played. He imagined how his thick organ would fill her mouth and she'd suck him down and swallow everything he gave her. She moaned low in her throat as if she could hear his thoughts, and that was it.


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