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Soundtrack For My Story

There is song that fits every occasion. I believe that strongly. When I was younger I adored music, and I always gloried at how a movie could set a mood with just a few strains of a song.

As I grew older I built soundtracks for my life. Break ups, make ups, special occasions? I had the perfect "playlist" (mix tapes) to commemorate the moment. Listening to a song I played often can take me right back to that time in my life.

Writing is no different. As a writer, music often plays a part in insiring whatever story I'm working on. Often it's just background tunes to set a mood. Every once and a while certain lyrics will catch me and hold on. That happened while I was working on Mimi Mine.

When I first heard Crazy Fool, by Jack Savoretti, I thought, "Holy s#%&. This song is Mason. This song is my book." I think listening to Jack Savoretti's Take Me Home album is like getting a glimpse into Mason's soul. The emotion is just fantastic.

There is so much fun, love, and sexy in Mimi Mine, but there is also a lot of emotion. I hope readers will be able to feel that when they read this one.


I'm yours, she'd said...what a heady statement.

He wondered if she had any idea how her words affected him. How irrational they made him. Like they gave him the right to wrap her up and keep her forever. They may have just been words in the heat of the moment. He doubted she'd be so willing to make the same claim when all their clothes were on.

The only way to keep her was to make her want to stay with him. For now he needed to make up for his rough treatment of her. Not because she hadn't loved it. He knew she had. That didn't stop him from feeling guilty. He needed her to feel how much he loved her. To know she was cherished.

Starting at her ankle he kissed up one silky leg then the other. Working his way up her stomach. He worshiped at her breasts before moving down her arms. He kissed, nibbled, and bit as moans hummed from her throat. Only then did he move on to gently lap at her honeyed core until she tore at his hair, her thighs quivering against his hands, her liquid heat spilling over his tongue and fingers.

Let me love you, his body cried with every kiss. Every touch. Every mingled breath as his mouth hovered over hers. Let me love you.

This time when he covered her, he slid in slowly and savored the way her sweet her body gripped him. How she arched as her breath hitched in her throat. The way her toes curled into his calves and thighs each time he pushed into her glorious heat. The way his name fell from her parted lips as she came, her nails digging into his shoulders.

His own orgasm snuck up on him, pouring out of him as shudders wracked his body. He felt like he'd lost a chunk of his soul in that orgasm. Maybe he had. He still felt scared he was going to lose Mimi.

As if knowing he needed it, Mimi's limbs twined around him. Holding him tight.

Neither of them spoke or broke apart as he eased them to their sides, afraid he was crushing her. His heart beat mine as they lay wrapped in each others embrace until sleep swept them under.


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