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New Release

My new book Candi's Debt just went live on Amazon!! To celebrate I'm sharing a little teaser!

“I-I’m wearing a thong. Why are you pulling down my panties?”

He raises a brow and his mouth kicks up in a half grin, but he’s not looking at me, or at least not my face. I feel the place he’s staring at heat and I move to close my legs, but he stops me with a hand.

“Your panties are down so that daddy can have a full view of your sweet pussy,” he says, his voice a low rumble.

I’m not sure what’s more messed up, the fact that he refers to himself as daddy or the fact that when he says it—every time he says it—new moisture floods my bits with tingles of awareness.

Crouching down behind me he grabs my ankles and moves my feet even further apart. “And your panties are going to stay around your thighs so you remember just how exposed you are to me.

I bite my lip and hide my face in the soft quilt under me. I can feel his breath at the back of my thighs and I know his face is level with me, right there, and I know he has to be able to see how humiliatingly wet I am right now.


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