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Careful, Little Girl

Being in debt to a man who can and will kill you is bad enough...but being in debt to a man who thinks you need a keeper is a whole other pain in the...


When Hank’s towering form leans over the desk I fight the urge to shrink back in my seat. Why won’t he just stalk off like the lumbering beast he is? He looks like he’s about to breathe fire. His cheeks are flushed as red as his beard and his eyes are shooting sparks. The muscles in his forearms are flexing like he’s holding himself back from grabbing me as he braces himself on the desk. Hell if I don’t notice he is all kinds of sexy angry.

“Careful, little girl.” The deep rumble of his voice is taunting. “You don’t want to be put over daddy’s knee again, do you?”

All I can do is huff my indignation, my mouth opening and closing like a fish, as my mind blanks and my panties flood remembering the last time I was over his lap.


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