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Monrok Warriors 2, Keeping Their Human is due out June 1st!

Life on Kadeema isn't always easy, especially when you have a reluctant mate, and you're trying to keep other Monrok from claiming your female for themselves.


She looks down at my erection and back to my face. “I’m still not ready.”

“Your body is,” I grit out.

She wads the loose material of her shirt in front of her, turning her flushed face away, and awkwardly half crosses her legs.

“You cannot hide your need from me. Your mating instinct has awakened. I can smell it.” I stalk closer. “If I opened your legs and lifted that shirt, I would see it.”

Her rosy cheeks go pale. “That doesn’t mean I’m ready…for you…to-to…”

I shake my head. “No, obviously not. But it does mean you are in need.” I pull my shirt up over my head and then take off my boots one by one before stripping my pants off.

“Jual, what are you doing?”

Completely naked, I stalk to her. “I am tending to my mate.”

Follow the Monrok Rebellion as Situs, Jual, fight off their brethren, and learn how to share their newly acquired female, Hannah, in this latest installation of Monrok Warriors.

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