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Their Reluctant Pets

Looking for more Monrok? I've got them right here!!

His Obsession: Ren & Lena

Ten solars ago, I was assigned to King Thaain’s guard ship. Ten solars ago, I saw a creature I was not meant to see. A creature other Monrok did not even know existed. A human female.

Then she belonged to the king. Now she is mine, and there will be no rest for her until she acknowledges me as her new master.

It's Complicated: Screvan & Yana & Trina & Tal

They are the king's pair. The pets have never been separated and who are Tal and I to do so now?

They are willful pets, but just the thought of all the ways we can punish them and bring them to heel makes my cock twitch in anticipation.

These pets have new masters, and it's our names they will cry when they beg for release.

***Their Reluctant Pets is comprised of two short companion stories to Their Human Pets, but can be enjoyed on its own. Available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers.***

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