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I have new, old books coming out this year! I recently got the rights back to a few of my books, like this one.

I first published The Untaming of Kat with Baronet Press back in 2015 as Taming Kat. After re-reading it, I realized it needed some work, so I revised and had it re-edited to closer fit my current writing style, but kept most of the story and dialogue the same.

The other books are still in the process of getting their make-overs, but The Untaming of Kat is out now and available for $0.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited!

“Kiss the belt, Kat.”

The smell of leather filled her senses. Her eyes landed on her teeth marks from the other night. She looked over her shoulder at Caleb.

Slowly she turned and kissed the leather. Peeking over to make sure he was watching, she ran the tip of her tongue along the strip he held.

His deep chuckle rumbled through her body, making her toes curl. “Ask me for your spanking, kitten.”


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