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Prepare to Get Dirty

I've been working on a super secret project...but I'm too excited not to share! I have a full-length menage romance coming out in a set with seven amazing authors--I'll let you know who soon!

Next week, The Novice will release and in the back of that naughty novella will be an exclusive first chapter preview of my new book, Getting Dirty!

Perfection isn’t always so perfect.

All I’ve done since I was seventeen years old is try to prove my father wrong.

Try to prove I am better than him and his perfect lineage. His perfect name.

Anyone who has gotten in my way of attaining that goal I consider collateral damage.

Now my life has spiraled so far out of my control, I’m free falling, and for whatever reason Jess and Jace feel like a safe haven.

They’re not. They're two blips from my past. And that’s where I should have left them.

We come from different worlds

Whatever we have can only exist in this moment.

They’re just two dirty mechanics.

And I’ve spent my whole life avoiding getting dirty.

Coming Aug 16th

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