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It's only natural...

“There’s no use getting bent out of shape about good sex.”

She drops her arms, shifting to glare at me.

“All I’m saying is, if you’re twisted up about fucking around with me and Jess—don’t be. It’s only natural to…uh—”

“Get sexed up by two brothers at the same time?” she deadpans.

I cough. “Yeah.”


Getting Dirty is a full length m/f/m menage romance, and the first in the Hard n' Dirty series. Alta Hensley book, Filthy Fighter is coming this weekend!

What you should know about this series--aside from the smoking hot, blue collar dom heroes who like it hard n' dirty:

There's eight books. Authors are, me, Alta Hensley, Tara Crescent, Renee Rose, Ava Sinclair, Jane Henry, and Lee Savino.

And all the books are connected in some way shape or form. Look for easter eggs!

You can check here for updates on links: Hard n' Dirty

Have you got your copy of Getting Dirty yet?

Next up: Filthy Fight by Alta Hensley

Coming Aug 18th

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