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Strong, sexy, dirty as hell... twelve Daddy Doms who know what they want.

Twelve women who just don't stand a chance.

Dirty Daddies is a sultry anthology of panty-melting romances starring twelve commanding Daddy Doms who won't accept anything less than total surrender. Brought to you by thirteen USA Today and International bestselling authors, this deliciously filthy collection of all-new stories is packed with HOT, raw Daddy Dom action that is sure to leave you blushing.

I'm so excited for Dirty Daddies to finally be here! If you're a Dirty Daddy lover, be sure to check out my story Cry for Daddy, in the anthology!

Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology

Now Available on Kindle Unlimited:

Head over to L. Woods Romance P. R. Room, on FB and check out all the Dirty Daddies teasers and giveaways going on for the next 24 hours!



Forbidden Sweets by Maggie Ryan

Long Distance Daddy by Rayanna Jamison and Allysa Hart

Sylvie: Dr. Richards' Littles 26 by Pepper North

Detective Daddy by Kara Kelley

Little Leigh by Golden Angel

Daddy's Little Liar by Maren Smith

Daddy's Precious Girl by Katie Douglas

An Odd Little Girl by J.M. Dabney

Cry For Daddy by Aubrey Cara

Lindsay's Secret by Emily Tilton

Dom Fitness by Brianna Hale

Daddy's Naughty Darling by Laylah Roberts


Want more Domum Deorum Doms & Daddies?

Unattainable. Off limits.

The second I laid eyes on her, I knew she was my endgame.

Only problem?

She was my best friend’s wife.

Even after he died, I swore to stay away from her.

For my own sanity, I was going to stay away from her forever.

Then she offered herself up at my club’s auction.

Fate never plays out as you think it will.

Sometimes it throws you curveballs in tempting packages.

Sometimes it has blush pink tits, pouty lips, and calls you Daddy.

But fate needs to learn a thing or two about me.

Never, ever try to push Daddy past his breaking point.

Beg for Daddy

Coming Sept 18th

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