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1 Day Until Beg for Daddy!

The links are up! Beg for Daddy will be out at the stroke of midnight!

If you want to come help me celebrate my new release, I'll be in Dirty Daddies Party Room on FB this evening, giving away prizes!

Giveaways will be up for 24 hours before they're closed out.

Dirty Daddies Party Room

And on the evening of Thursday, Sept 19th, stop by L. Woods Romance Room help Golden Angel celebrate her super hot new read, Defended!

L. Woods PR Romance Room

*Must join rooms to gain access to giveaways. Giveaways will be posted for 24hrs.*

And now, how about an extra naughty Beg for Daddy teaser?


“Not another word.” His big hand cups between my legs. My eyes roll closed as thick fingers slide in.

Noah’s fingers.

Inside me.


Bring me to the brink.

Noah. Calling himself Daddy.

Making me call him Daddy and tilting my world off its axis.

I spread my legs as far as I’m able, offering myself up to whatever he wants.

Twice, he brings me to the edge. Twice more he stops before I can ride the crest.

I suck in my bottom lip and whimper as he starts playing me once again. Circling my clit. More heat trickles out and he catches it with his fingers. Paints it up and down my pussy lips. Smears it over my pucker. I clench my cheeks together, and he gives my ass a sharp slap.

“Spread your cheeks, and hold yourself open for me.” His voice is low. Gruff.


He cuts me off with a hard spank. “Who?”


“That’s right.”

“Daddy, I—”

“Spread your cheeks. Don’t make me tell you again, Paige.”

With shaking hands, I reach back and pull my cheeks apart, exposing every little bit of me to him.

“Now, was that so hard?”

Yes. He has no idea. It’s not his princess parts on display.

“So pretty. I wonder how puffy Daddy can get this pretty little pucker.” His hand smacks down, spanking my hole.



Live September 18th!

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Happy Reading!

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