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New Look & Bonus Epilogue

Welcome back, Lonely Hearts! This series was the first series I ever published back in 2014, and has recently gone through some changes.

These books have a brand new look and some new words!

All three books have been updated and revamped, but Mimi Mine has changed the most. The heart of the story is the same, but if you've read it before, you may notice some differences starting at about a quarter of the way in. Cuts were made, and she has nearly 10k new words, including a Christmas Day bonus epilogue. An epilogue that should have always been in that book. An epilogue I shed more than a few happy tears while writing. I'm also excited to announce Chasing Delia is available again! When I first received the rights back, I was in the middle of moving, working, writing, and doing a full renovation on our new house. I soon (not soon enough) discovered I had published the wrong file. I then discovered I no longer had the edited and formatted file.

I'm grateful I was finally able to give these books the love and attention they deserve.

Once I started working on Chasing Delia, I fell back in love with that world and those characters. I ended up going through all three books, spending the most writing and revising time with Mimi Mine.

If you've never read these books, I hope you check them out. If you enjoyed them the first time around, I hope you check out the new editions. They will make you laugh, heat up your e-reader at times, and if all goes accordingly, they will melt your heart just a little.

Happy Reading!

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