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Dirty Daddies 2020 Anniversary Anthology is out now!

This year's anthology has double the daddy doms and double the pulse pounding, good times!

Here's a sneak peak at my story, Daddy's Office Temp-tation, featured in the 2020 Dirty Daddies Anthology:

She plops the envelopes on my desk, her hip bumping mine.

“Again, if you could make sure your father gets those, that’d be great.” The sweet sarcasm and ire in her voice is adorable.

As a lawyer I’ve always liked a good fight. I like being able to make someone lose their composure. It means I'm winning. Her anger is kindling, too easily sparked to flame, yet I find it no less satisfying.

I catch her around the waist as she moves to leave, and stand so I loom over her. Press against her tantalizingly exposed back. Mold myself to her. She smells like sun warmed flowers and fresh spring air.

My hand trails down to the hem of her much too short skirt.

Her breath catches, but she doesn’t pull away or slap my hand. She should. Maybe she would if she knew all the things I’d like to do to her.

“You know,” I whisper in her ear before giving the lobe a nip. “There are benefits to being with a younger man.”

“Is that so? Let me know when you see one.”

“Such insolent behavior, Ms. Parkhurst. But I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from such a naughty girl.” I inch her hem up and graze my fingers over her panties. Cotton. Interesting. I would have pegged her for seductive satins and laces.

Now she does grab my hand. “What are you doing?” Her voice is a breathy gasp.

“Sampling daddy’s little angel."




It was just supposed to be a temp job…

I lost my dream internship and boyfriend on the same day.

Now I’m back home and my mother wants me to take a temp job.

A very specific temp job.

But she doesn’t know what it would mean for me to work for him.

Four years ago, I threw myself at his father.

Now I’m throwing myself at him.

The older boy next door.

The one I always wanted.

Teddy Hamilton.

My new boss… who wants me to call him daddy.

Read Daddy's Office Temp-tation now in Dirty Daddies 2020 Anthology!




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