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USA Today Bestseller

Thank you to all the readers who made Dirty Daddies 2020 Anniversary Anthology a USA TODAY Bestseller! Words cannot describe how much we appreciate you. Thank you!

For those of you who haven't picked up your copy yet, you can now read the anthology in Kindle Unlimited!

Check out my story, Daddy's Office Temp-tation, available exclusively in Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology 2020.

"Grab those files and get in my office.”
“I thought you wanted me to sit at my desk and work, like a good little temp.”
“I changed my mind,” he grits out, clearly irritated.
“But there’s so much work for me to do. I need to get the Hanson paperwork ready, read that binder of info Wendy left for me, obvs, and I still need to look for a job where my boss doesn’t want to bend me over his or her desk.”
“Are you pushing, me, princess?” he asks low.
“Who, me? I would never dare.”

It was just supposed to be a temp job…

I lost my dream internship and boyfriend on the same day.

Now I’m back home and my mother wants me to take a temp job.

A very specific temp job.

But she doesn’t know what it would mean for me to work for him.

Four years ago, I threw myself at his father.

Now I’m throwing myself at him.

The older boy next door.

The one I always wanted.

Teddy Hamilton.

My new boss… who wants me to call him daddy.


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